A course walking you through how to stand apart, figure out what makes you different, and create your own opportunities.

 There’s something inside of you that the world needs.

→You know there’s a calling on your life and you understand you’re meant to do more.

→You’re ready to shake things up and really go after what sets your soul on fire.

→You no longer want mundane and ordinary, you want to level up and stand apart.

→You want to remove excuses and go full throttle with strategy and intuition.

→And you have a story to share. You have a unique twist.

→You want to dig deep down to your core, pull out your passions, and intertwine your purpose with your desire. You’re completely ready to take on life in a more meaningful way by saying hell yes to yourself, taking risk, and playing your part. You know you hold space so you’re removing excuses, getting organized, and you doing the damn thing!


But where on Earth do you begin?

Right here baby.

The Be Your Own Academy // 

5 Chapters: Who You Are, Starting Out, Get Ya Mind Right, Understanding Opportunity, Expanding

Filled With: Video, journal prompts, affirmations, mindset resources, ideas on top of ideas, and information on how to be your own

Simply put this is a self-paced, lifetime access course walking you through who you are, understanding what you bring to the table, healing through limiting beliefs, putting yourself out there, starting, and expanding.


If you feel intuitively led to enroll in this course I encourage you to do so. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. You’re here reading this because you were intrigued. You can sign up below.

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